I have never been to any medical facility where the people genuinely care as much as they do here. I wish they were my primary care providers too.


I have been taking my son for the past 6 years for allergy shots & could not be more pleased with the whole staff and Dr. Accetta. They made my son feel at ease while getting shots & could not be more accommodating with appointments. Dr. Accetta was very comforting when explaining things to my son when we saw him and has a wonderful rapport with his patients. Would highly recommend him!

Dr. Donald D Accetta's patient

Dr. Accetta was prompt, kind, and knowledgeable. He was extremely thorough and answered all my questions and eased any concerns I had about past present and future allergy concerns. He was friendly with my 7 year old and spoke clearly and kindly.

Dr. Donald D Accetta's patient

Dr. Accetta is really an allergy expert -- he is current with the latest research, courteous with children, and attentive to questions. We have been seeing him for over six years now, and honestly, I think he has gotten even better in his care, "bedside manner" communication style, and ability to connect with patients.

Dr. Donald D Accetta's patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Accetta's for years. His knowledge and experience have provided me with top notch health care. He has on numerous occasions made himself available to me, during times of health crisis. He continues to be abreast of the latest treatment modalities and I have the utmost confidence in his skills. He is the best!

Dr. Donald D Accetta's patient

Everyone is so kind at this office. Very accommodating


Wonderful dr. Recommend her to anyone

Jasmine in attleboro mass

Dr Pedersen is an immunologist as well as an asthma/allergy doctor. I see her for both.. She is always wiling to consult/advise with my pcp, and my other doctors, she always spends more than enough time with me in the office plus she spends time answering my messages through the portal. She had never ignored my concerns.

Michelle in ATTLEBORO, MA

Overall very satisfied coming here.

Allen Cruz

Dr. Accetta was professional, personable and knowledgeable. My son has had significant issues since birth and Dr. Accetta took care and concern into my son's needs. I would recommend Dr. Accetta to any parent looking for pediatric allergy and asthma care.

Kendra in Mansfield, MA

I have been bringing my son to Dr. Accents for a little over a year now. My son is very comfortable around him. Though he isn't loving the allergy shots, he enjoys seeing the nurses and playing in the waiting area.

Melissa Small in Middleboro, MA

I would recommend Dr Accetta to anyone looking for a top notch Asthma and Allergy doctor. I have three girls 13,10 and 9 all of whom have been with Dr Accetta for years. He has helped my children so much. His individual approach to treating the girls has helped them get their asthma under control and they are enjoying their sports again!.

Tricia Gelina in Lakeville, Ma

I have been a patient of Dr. Accetta's for many years. His knowledge and experience have far exceeded my high expectations. He is always abreast of the latest treatment modalities, and has routinely gone above and beyond in meeting my healthcare needs. I have the utmost confidence in his practice and skill!

Terri in Taunton, MA

I am now starting my 3rd year with allergy and asthma care with Dr Accetta. I am happy to say it has been life changing. He told me before I started treatment that it would take a commitment on my part to be sure that I kept all appointments so the therepy treatment could be effective. I can say that over a two year period that I was able to stop my steriod inhaler and only use proair as needed 2 or less times a month. Thank-you for helping me improve my quality of life.

Mark in Taunton

I have had long-standing upper respiratory issues and Dr. Accetta has got me feeling much better! I had my skin test - it is easier than I expected. All the staff members are very personable and pleasant - they make it easy to go to that office. I really admire Dr. Accetta - he takes time with each patient and is very good at explaining what is going on with you. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for an Allergy and Asthma Specialist!

Suzanne Peak

Dr Solomon is extremely courteous, has a wonderful bedside manner, great with children, and very knowledgable! My son dreads going to drs appointments, but always looks forward to seeing Dr Solomon. I would recommend him to anyone, and always appreciate his caring attitude. He has the attributes that I wish every dr had, he truly cares about his patients! Awesome job!

Dr. Solomon's patient

Dr. Solomon is absolutely wonderful. He is like a breath of fresh air. I am probably one of the pickiest mothers out there when it comes to my children's medical care. It is very hard to find a good doctor who listens, takes their time and truly cares. Dr. Solomon does all these things and more. Dr. Solomon is extremely knowledgeable. I will say it does take some time to get in with Dr. Solomon, but the wait is worth it! I wish I could see him for all my children's medical care.

Andrea in Spokane, WA

I wish more doctors were like him. Very kind, knowledgeable and listened to what I said instead of making me feel inferior (which a lot of doctors have done to me). I felt that he really cared about my child's wellbeing and Didn't send me out with a script and cold shoulder. Truly A wonderful doctor.

Dr. Solomon's patient

A great Dr. We just love him. He is so good with both kids and adults.

Dr. Solomon's patient

I have seen Dr. Solomon for a number of years, during which time he helped me get and keep my allergies and asthma under control, even during wildfire season. I have always felt that he listened carefully and patiently, and that he answered questions directly and thoroughly. He is very knowedgeable in his field and stays current with research. Plus, he is just a very nice man.

Dr. Solomon's patient

My son, who was unable to even go to school because of asthma, is now on three years without an attack. Thanks to the diligent and knowledgable Dr. Solomon!

Dr. Solomon's patient

The Doctor and the staff are excellent and pleasant.


I like the staff and I like Dr. Accetta's sense of humor. He has taken good care of me and my husband for many years.


Dr. Accetta  comes on strong, but is the most compassionate doctor I have had in a long time. I was surprised by his knowledge and his ability to listen. I recommend him, just be patient with the process.


Dr. Accetta uses the latest technology to keep abreast of your issues. I have had great results since beginning treatment with him. He meets you in his office to go over questions and make suggestions. Highly recommended.


Allergy and Asthma Care delivers top notch service, is prompt and fastidious about the patient following directions and being involved with their own care. Dr. Accetta is professional and knowledgeable. Some patients find him aloof and stern, but don't mistake his demeanor as uncaring. He is fastidious and involved in each patient's care. If you work with him as he diagnoses you, listen and are interested in getting better, you will eventually see he does have a heart and a sense of humor. But remember he's not there to entertain you - he's there to cure you.


Receptionists are very welcoming and patient. Nurses are also patient and knowledgeable. The doctors also have helped me get more of my life back working with me in improving my symptoms and explained why I needed certain meds and tests trying to get me at my best.  


Dr Accetta has help me control my asthma. I am beyond grateful. His staff is amazing. Before Dr Accetta I was in and out of the hospital and my asthma was out of control. Thank you for getting me where am today.


The Doctors and the staff are wonderful. It is easy scheduling appointments and the wait time to get the allergy shots are short. The shots have made an improvement in my overall health and have made it easier dealing with seasonal allergies. I am glad I decided to follow through with the shots.