Hives Treatment Taunton MA


About 1 in 5 people will suffer from hives, or urticaria, at some point in their life. This itchy rash swells into red bumps (“wheals”), which can look much like mosquito bites.

The severity of hives differs from person to person, and from one outbreak to another. A mild eruption may consist of an isolated red, itchy bump. At its worst, hives may cover the entire body and cause intense itching. When hives occur on the lips or face, the face can appear swollen

Most people have idiopathic urticaria, meaning the cause of the hives is unknown. Other cases of hives are brought on by typical allergens:

  • Plants and plant pollen
  • Animals and pet dander
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Foods
  • Drugs
  • Latex

Additional triggers for hives include:

  • Infections (like the common cold)
  • Pressing, rubbing, or scratching the skin
  • Temperature changes
  • Sunlight
  • Blood transfusions


Hives may be a short-lived or chronic. In either case, the management of hives is the same:

  1. Identify and avoid known triggers.
  2. Seek treatment from an allergist.


Treatments for hives may include oral medications, topical products, or a combination of the two. Self-care to supplement a doctor's treatment varies with the cause, but may include:

  • Cool compresses to soothe outbreaks
  • Bathing in warm, not hot, water
  • Loose-fitting, non-irritating clothing
  • Sun protection
  • Avoidance of extreme temperatures
  • Xolair