We all look forward to the springtime and want to open the windows and be outdoors, but for people with allergies, spring is a mixed blessing, and can mean feeling miserable. However, there are steps you can take to better enjoy this time of year.

What plants pollinate in the spring?

Some of the trees start pollinating in early March, so even if the snow is still on the ground, there can be tree pollen in the air.  By mid to late April, when the weather is dry and the wind is blowing, tree pollen counts can be quite high.  Trees continue to pollinate through June. The grass generally starts pollinating in mid to late May, but unlike the trees, the grass can pollinate even in April if nighttime temperatures are above 50 degrees.  For people who are allergic to both trees and grass, the worst time is usually from mid May through mid to late June because both tree and grass pollen counts are quite high.